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About Marv Clynke

Marv Clyncke is a tireless promoter of bowhunting who has helped elevate the sport over the past several decades. His craftsmanship and hunting skill have made him a true friend of traditional bowhunting as well as an elder statesmen for the sport.

Marv is a native of Colorado, born and raised on the family homestead east of Boulder. He and his wife Judy still live there, and raised four boys and one girl, all married with families of their own. Marv has been bowhunting for 54 years starting in 1954.

Marv was instrumental in promoting bowhunting in the ‘60’s, owning an archery shop and teaching new hunters how to shoot a bow and hunt in the traditional style. He helped start the Colorado Bowhunters Association, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, and the Compton Traditional Bowhunters. He is past-Chairman of the Compton Traditional Bowhunters ‘Traditional Bowhunting Archives’, a system for recording animals taken with traditional bowhunting equipment.

Marv helped several states set up their Bowhunting Associations, including Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. He worked to obtain Colorado’s first Bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat seasons for bowhunting, and help set up Colorado’s records keeping for bow and arrow.

Marv is a Life Member of the Colorado Bowhunters Association, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, The American Blade Society and the National Rifle Association, A Senior Member and Past Vice-president of the Pope and Young Club, Regular Member of Professional Bowhunters Society (Colorado’s first member), and Charter Member, Life Member, and Past-President of Compton Traditional Bowhunters, a member of the Colorado Traditional Archers Society, Grand Slam Ovis, and the Big Thompson Bowhunters. Marv is currently on the Compton Traditional Archives Recording committee, which oversees the listing of animals taken with traditional equipment.

Marv is a wildlife photographer and free-lance writer with credits in many outdoor magazines and books. He started the fundraising auctions for the Pope and Young Club that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for conservation. He also started the ‘white papers’, the how to measure manual, for the Pope and Young Club. He also helped publish the first record books for Pope and Young and the Colorado Bowhunters Association.

Marv has hunted throughout Colorado with his bow, and was the first hunter (rifle or bow), to take all eight species of big game in Colorado. He has hunted Alaska, British Columbia, Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, Mississippi and South Carolina with bow and arrow. His Stone’s sheep taken in 1994 in British Columbia, was the first recorded Stone’s taken with a longbow.
Marv has promoted bowhunting and fair chase wherever he goes. He has given well over one hundred traditional bows and arrows to kids and adults to get them interested in bowhunting and the outdoors. He also donated over one hundred antique bows and arrows to the Pope and Young Museum. He has taken 13 species of big game with bow, including three of the four North American Sheep. He has been on 51 sheep hunts, and over 20 Rocky Mountain goat hunts, mostly helping other bowhunters, and has never accepted any money for helping. He just enjoys the pursuit of these animals.
Marv has shot longbows for 20 years and recurves before that. He makes all his own wood arrows and most of the other archery equipment except the bows.
Marv has spoken to state bowhunting and sportsmen groups around the country, and has conducted seminars on bowhunting, wildlife photography, animal habitat and primitive artifacts.
He has conducted fundraising auctions for the Colorado Bowhunters Association, the Pope and Young Club, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, the Professional Bowhunters Society, The Colorado Traditional Archers Society and various civic groups. He is a knifemaker and scrimshaw artist and has donated over $60,000 of his artwork to sportsmen’s and civic groups.
Main topics at Marv’s seminars include enjoying the outdoors and being a fair and ethical hunter. His wife Judy and their children are his favorite hunting partners. Judy and Marv hunt together in many places and will continue to promote bowhunting and the outdoors any way they can, especially with kids and the non-hunting public. He also writes many letters to the Open forum in the local newspaper to defend hunting and the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.