About the Readmond Brothers

Ron and Stephen Readmond grew up in Colorado’s north central foothills on a ranch at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. Both brothers hunted at an early age (mule deer, rabbits, pheasant, elk, coyotes), fished (brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout), and played high school sports (football, baseball). After high school Ron and Stephen split paths and headed in opposite directions. Stephen landed in Hollywood and Ron began guiding elk hunters into the wilderness on horseback.

To say the Readmond brothers have conflicting world views would be an understatement. But the one thing they’ve always had in common is a love for the outdoors. This love is what brought them together to produce videos about the outdoor experience. Whether hunting, fishing, outdoor photography or any activity done away from the protective blanket of society, Ron and Stephen’s goal is to share an authentic, true-to-life nature-based experience
About Stephen Readmond
Stephen Readmond has worked in the Los Angeles film and commercial industry for 22 years. Feature film projects include Fargo, Wag the DogIndependence Day, Mighty Ducks 2 and many others. He has worked on over 100 commercials with clients including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, Boeing, Chevrolet, Ford and Nike. He is excited about returning to his roots by working on outdoor films.
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About Ron Readmond

Ron Readmond began hunting small game at the age of seven and killed his first deer at age 12 with a 30-30 Winchester. By age 18 Ron had lost interest in rifle hunting and switched to hunting with a bow. He is now a die-hard traditional bowhunter and has turned to guiding in order to support his addiction to the outdoors. He has been a professional hunting guide for the past 20 years in Colorado, working for several outfitters, guiding hunters into the wilderness each year.  Most recently, Ron has brought his wealth of hunting and guiding experience to his work as part of Readmond Brothers video production unit as a consultant and camera operator.

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