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Marv Clyncke’s Alaska Bow Hunting Video Released

posted Dec 13, 2008, 7:10 PM by Ron Readmond   [ updated Dec 14, 2008, 1:32 PM by Andi Blackwell ]


Marv Clyncke’s Alaska Bowhunting Video

A Traditional Bowhunter’s How-to Guide

Boulder, CO – Legendary bowhunter Marv Clyncke announces the release of his first video: Bow Hunting Alaska – A Traditional Bowhunter's How-to Guide. This 57-minute educational video is a rare opportunity to look into the mind - and backpack - of one of traditional bowhunting’s leading authorities as he journeys into the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska.

In Bow Hunting Alaska, you’ll join Marv as he prepares for an Alaskan hunting trip to pursue the elusive caribou. Learn how to ready yourself both physically and mentally for what will be one of the most awe-inspiring trips of a lifetime. Because of weight limitations on the small bush planes used in Alaska, it is imperative to know how to pack light and right. Marv shares the gear he has come to rely on, including his bows, arrows, boots, survival gear, and more. He also provides invaluable insight into selecting the best outfitter to suit your needs.

“For many years people have been asking me to make a hunting video so I’m very pleased to share this Alaska trip with new and seasoned hunters alike,” says Clyncke. “My approach is simple – be prepared, have fun, and respect the animal, whether you make a kill or not.”

The first half of the video features Marv in his Colorado workshop as he shares the gear he brings on his trip north. The second half will put you in a bush plane with Marv as he crosses Alaska’s beautiful, lake-strewn wilderness en route to a remote hunting camp.

“I’d recommend that anyone about to embark on a hunt to Alaska, or any other remote area, sit down and watch the DVD, Bowhunting Alaska, before they go,” says G. Fred Asbell, noted traditional bowhunter and author of Instinctive Shooting. “Marv Clyncke epitomizes the word bowhunter. He’s as good as they get… and I don’t know a better, more knowledgeable, wilderness/mountain hunter anywhere. You’ll not go wrong following him into the woods.”

Bow Hunting Alaska – A Traditional Bowhunter's How-to Guide is a nuts and bolts overview for beginning and seasoned hunters interested in visiting the untouched beauty of Alaska. It sets itself apart from other hunting videos in that the emphasis is placed on the preparation and the experience of the hunt. With humor, wisdom and insight, Clyncke shares his love and respect for hunting along with his passion for Alaska’s stunning wilderness.

Family-friendly and ideal for dads, grads, outdoor photographers, hikers and wilderness enthusiasts of all ages, Bow Hunting Alaska – A Traditional Bowhunter's How-to Guide is a primer for getting the most enjoyment out of your Alaskan wilderness adventure. DVDs cost $17.95. To order, visit

About Marv Clyncke:

Marv Clyncke needs no introduction in the traditional bowhunting world. Marv began shooting a bow more than 50 years ago and has become one of the United States’ most renowned traditional bowhunters. From Colorado’s first bowhunting season, to ongoing recordkeeping for outstanding accomplishments in the sport, Marv has spent most of his life promoting and lobbying for the sport that has had such a positive effect on his life. An articulate, compassionate outdoorsman who is also an outdoor writer and wildlife photographer, Marv offers an approachable style that is suitable for all audiences.

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