Jim Dougherty

posted Dec 13, 2008, 11:59 PM by Andi Blackwell   [ updated Dec 14, 2008, 1:07 PM ]

In this carefully constructed video, the Readmond Brothers have squarely hit the target. Unlike other videos, Bowhunting Alaska is a most informative, interesting and educational work that any hunter contemplating a wilderness adventure, from the raw beginner to the experienced can benefit from.

I have had the good fortune of knowing Marv Clyncke for forty some years. In that period I have shared hunting camps with him and witnessed first hand his incredible love for wild places and his almost unbelievable accomplishments with a longbow and wood arrows. A do-it-yourself kind of guy Clyncke is an outstanding craftsman and artist, his handmade knives, jewelry, scrimshaw and archery gear rank among the very best. Watch and listen to Clyncke, he knows of what he speaks.

- Jim Dougherty, Bowhunter's Hall of Fame and Fred Bear Award recipient